J. Bradley (jbradley) wrote in brokenspeech,
J. Bradley

Broken Speech Super Slam Week

hot damn ladies and gents, the is the Broken Speech Super Slam Week. we have 2! slam events this week.

1. Dead Poets Slam is this wednesday at the Barnes & Noble on E. Colonial. at stake is a $25 B&N Gift Card. 5 slots have been taken already. the rules are you perform as a dead poet using their work. an open mic for live poets starts at 8 and the dead poets slam starts at 8:30pm you can dress like them if you want. if you wanna be a dead poet, please reply back to this entry or e-mail mailto:slam@brokenspeech.com.

2. regular slam at stardust video & coffee starting at 9pm this thursday. signups begin at 8:30. 4 slots have been taken already with 6 left standing. reply to the addy above if you wanna sign up as well.
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